Halloween and horror movies go together like spaghetti and meatballs, only scarier and less edible. The point is, horror movies are as much a part of the Halloween season as trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving.

But can you collect these cinematic spooks? Yes, yes you can. Here’s some creepy collectibles from classic horror films, which you should absolutely gift to the creepy collector. Who said Halloween can’t be accompanied by gifts?

Freddy Krueger claw replica, image via eBay
Freddy Krueger claw replica, image via eBay

Kitchen Life Will Never Be the Same

Few horror villains are as creepy as Fredrick J. Krueger — that may or may not be his full name, probably not — and few collectibles are as practical as this Freddy Krueger claw replica. It slices, dices, prepares meals and terrifies those around you, a perfect addition to any creepy collector’s home, and an absolute thrill in the kitchen. Who needs Ginzu knives when you have this?

Bust from "Nosferatu the Vampyre", image via eBay
Bust from “Nosferatu the Vampyre”, image via Sideshow Collectibles

 Too Bad This Bust Has No Reflection

It’s a fact: the only thing that comes remotely close to the creepiness of the classic “Nosferatu the Vampyre” is a bust of Count Orlok for your home. Is he staring off into space, or simply eying his next victim? Regardless of the vampiric head’s intentions, this creepy bust of Werner Herzog’s take on the premier vampire story in Hollywood can be yours, though slightly pricier than the other creepy collectibles on the list. The best part? This bust comes with removable, stylish vampire cap.

Billy the Puppet from the "Saw" franchise, image via eBay
Billy the Puppet from the “Saw” franchise, image via eBay

The Puppet Just Wants to Play a Game

Because who doesn’t need the creepiest part of the “Saw” films in their home? He’s cute, not at all creepy, and always wants to “play a game,” which makes Billy the Puppet a gift that’s fun for everyone. Sadly, this puppet from the movies is sans tricycle, but that’s nothing that a bit of Halloween ingenuity can’t fix. (Sinister traps not included, either.)

Wall jammer from "Psycho," image via eBay
Wall jammer from “Psycho,” image via eBay

Mr. Bates Would Be Proud

Sometimes a horror movie is so memorable and features scenes so iconic, you have to plaster a constant reminder of the film on your wall — or shower tile — for all to see. “Psycho” is that movie, and this wall decal of the iconic shower murder is that scene. Viola. Stick it on any wall and marvel at cinematic history, in the form of soothing, icy-blue chills.

Stephen "Flyboy" action figure from "Dawn of the Dead," image via CmdStore
Stephen “Flyboy” action figure from “Dawn of the Dead,” image via CmdStore

A New ‘Dawn’ for Action Figures

While on the subject of cinematic history, “Dawn of the Dead” laid the groundwork for future flesh-eating favorites, a la “Walking Dead” and a whole slew of other zombie movies and shows. This Stephen “Flyboy” perfectly encapsulates the movie, and is the perfect gift for creepy collectors. He’s angry, he’s got one rigor-mortis finger on the trigger, oh and he’s undead.