You may not know it, but before the big game on Sunday, one authentication company is taking a step to combat counterfeiting.

Each of the approximately 100 footballs used during the Super Bowl will be tagged with an invisible mark, rendering it impossible to duplicate at the hands of counterfeiters and ensuring each tagged item is game-used.

Before the Patriots and Falcons clash on Sunday, PSA/DNA, the authentication company that perfected the synthetic DNA used to mark the footballs, will send a representative to tag each football, the coin toss coin and rear sideline pylons with the imperceptible mark.

Just what does the mark accomplish? Well, it fortifies each tagged item with a 1-in-33 trillion chance of being replicated, odds that game-used collectors are bound to like. (A portion of the authenticated items will be auctioned off to benefit NFL and team charities, following the game.)

According to PSA/DNA President Joe Orlando in a press release regarding the company’s authentication of Sunday’s game-used items, “Game used items are always a commodity, especially items surrounding a game at the pinnacle of a sport, such as the Super Bowl. As a collector, you want the peace of mind knowing that what you are purchasing is, in fact authentic and game-used.”

In order to curtail counterfeiting, it is vital to ensure a third-party authentication company, such as PSA/DNA, has authenticated the collectibles you purchase.

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